From concept to implementation, transform startup ideas into ambitious projects.

Accel DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization for project investments leveraging blockchain web3 capabilities for equitability and democracy in community investments. Token holders can make investments proposals and decisions following the protocol rules

Accel DAO governs our incubation & acceleration programs for startups and existing protocols

Incubation programs

From conception to adoption, we foster and empower blockchain entrepreneurs by providing service opportunities such as funding, market making, and full-scale development, as well as a global network of services and responsibilities for up to six months from conception.


For founders by founders, community and alliance provide projects with expertise, networks, partners, and leveraging tools to speed their development. Forming a cohort for funding and mentorship.

Join Acceler8, a DAO supporting the blockchain with defined protocols funding, security, utility and more

  • Earn fees from governance, rewarding members from participations
  • Secure, trust-less, leaderless protocols. DAO ensuring fair access and rights to investments.
  • Staking. DAO members unlimited access to token staking for rewards or governance activities.

A8 Token

Accel DAO governance token, for activities and protocols utility.
A8 protocol treasury (APT)

Issued developments back-up funds from token revenue. 4% from transactions are accrued in the APT. This generated revenue ensures long term sustainability for token market and Acceler8 product developments.